The Prey (ASHES dIVIDE song)

I’ve been into this song lately. It’s comforting.

They pretend to be the ones to be afraid of
Caressing our souls away from us
And all of the world to keep us all in line
If we just fold our hands and smile

So many wasted promises rhapsodised
Promises to take us higher

Don’t be afraid of their excommunication, you’ll survive.
We’ll have no shame ’cause you will stand the climb and you will rise.

So many wasted promises rhapsodised
So many wasted Sundays trying to avoid the fire
So many wasted promises to take you higher

I’ve seen the twisted ways they push the guilt inside
and made you believe you have to try
to suffer live and die their way
But it doesn’t have to be this way

You don’t have to be shaken and confused
Hang on to anything you can find