I have a secret to tell you….

We interrupt this cult recovery blog to bring you… a promotion!

As you may know, right now we’re raising funds on IndieGoGo to produce my play, GYNX, Off-Broadway — and I am SO EXCITED!
Now here’s the cool thing about our crowdfund: for $25 (the same price as a ticket to the live show), you get a “virtual ticket” to watch GYNX online! So if you can’t make it to NYC to see it in person, you can still see GYNX from the comfort of your own home!

Even cooler: I’m offering a secret perk to my blog readers. That means you.

If you claim the Secret Perk, not only will you get the virtual show ticket,
but you’ll also get an autographed copy of my book Wolves and Other Nightmares,
and I’ll write a custom poem about any topic you’d like,
and I’ll read the poem for you on video!

“But Alicen, what does your book about cults have to do with your play GYNX?”
Oh, you’ll see soon enough… 😉

There are only 17 of this perk left, so act fast!

>>> Claim the secret perk here  <<<

Make sure to select the one at the top that says “WHISPER” and claim the perk when confirming your donation!

You’re going to love this play. I promise.
~ Alicen



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