Not all who question feminism are lost.

Feminism is for all women... until you stop being a woman in a way that is convenient.


peak radfem

i launched UnMinding with the intention of showing people the personal side of cult recovery. what it feels like, the internal struggle, the embarrassing thought processes. so i’m going to describe to you, what happened a few minutes ago: i reactivated my “radfem” facebook account. the one where i’m known as Radical Feminist Alicen Grey, and 90% of my “friends” are such merely … Continue reading peak radfem

Cult or Religion? How to understand the difference

"What's the difference between a cult and a religion?" It's one of the most common questions in cult discourse. Most people seem to ask from a place of concern, that maybe their own religious upbringing was more abusive than they thought. Others ask out of genuine confusion, because the categories so often blur and inform each … Continue reading Cult or Religion? How to understand the difference