How to read this blog

There are three ways you might read Unminding:

The experiences described herein are all about me me me. I’m just a crazy cultist lady who blogs for attention. None of this has anything to do with you. You have no responsibility towards me whatsoever. You read for your own entertainment.

The experiences described herein all revolve around me… but they’re about you, too. You relate to what I’m writing. You recognize your yourself in my trauma, in my healing, in my grief. You may even recognize yourself in my cult leaders.
One way or another, you vibe with my stories, and now your task is to figure out what that means about you.

The experiences described herein are thought-seeds, beginning as personal reflections and eventually blooming into something more, something beyond me, beyond you. What can cults teach us about our religions, our countries, our economies, our politics, our governments…?
And do we really want to know?